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Experimental Field: Ângela Ferreira, in Collaboration with Alda Costa, 2024

Explores material and environmental research undertaken in the early years of Mozambique’s independence (70’s and 80’s). The exhibition takes its name from an agricultural laboratory  at Eduardo Mondlane University campus, where staff, researchers, and students worked together to produce food, tools, structures, and train farmers and technicians. This experimental space was coordinated by TBARN (Técnicas Básicas de Aproveitamento de Recursos Naturais), a research group formed in the post-independence revolution. Ferreira builds on TBARN’s visual and textual remains to reveal the revolutionary ethos that made Mozambique a global center for radical experimentation. Experimental Field will travel to National Museum of Art, in Maputo (31.10.2024–16.02.2025), curated by Paula Nascimento and Álvaro Luís Lima. Photo credit: Vasco Stocker Vilhena