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Remining (“South Facing” Exhibition JAG), 2017

3 sculptures: (MDF, mild steel, PVC, copper, wood), 4 photos and a series of drawings

Built in 1989 during the final years of apartheid, the Meyer Pienaar extension to JAG was intended to create a more accessible public threshold between the original colonial-era building and the adjacent urban park. Structural problems resulted in JAG’s closure in 2017, providing an opportunity to re-examine the relationship between an institution once regarded as a symbol of elitism with its emergent multicultural post-apartheid urban context. Continuing an oeuvre of architecturally-responsive critical artworks, “Remining” draws on the history of the construction processes of the extension, particularly the controversial barrel-like copper vaulted roofs, extending Ferreira’s investigations into mining in South Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (“Stone Free”, 2012, and the “Entrer dans la Mine”, 2013).   Images © James Fox