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مسلّة (Miçalla), 2017

sculpture: painted mild steel, brass, wood. | width 240cm x height 260cm x length 650 cm (aprox) | 14 drawings, variable sizes | 3 photos, C-print glued on alucolic 150x120cm (each)

Questions the history of the placement and displacement of monuments, architecture and people. The obelisk arrived in Paris in 1833, having been shipped from Luxor. Three years later it was moved to the center of the Place de la Concorde. Given the technical limitations of the day, transporting it was no easy feat.  A visit to Paris permitted a close inspection of the obelisk as a unique sculptural form. The diagrams explaining the complex machinery that was used to lower, transport and re-erect it stood out as a kind of public advertisement of the act of removal of this extraordinary Egyptian treasure. A set of instructions for the removal (theft?) of this portion of unique Egyptian heritage. The gold engraved drawings on the pedestal served as the starting point for the sculpture.