Design by: Arne Kaiser | Powered by: In [Re]action

Rega, 2012

The public sculpture “Rega” (2012) is installed in the Parque de Escultura Contemporânea Almourol in Vila Nova da Barquinha, Portugal and broadly references the forms and mechanisms of center pivot irrigation systems. In this agricultural part of the country these irrigation systems with their imposing metal structures and circular shaped fields are easily detectable.  The sculpture elaborates on the formal qualities of the mechanisms by transforming them into a playful and interactive object with four usable swings. The kinetic component of the work can be activated when the sculpture is pushed in circular movements that create concentric lines on grounds of the park. This movement also allows the playful action of children to change the position of the sculpture around its central axis. Finally, the metaphoric strength of the work is triggered by the image of children activating an irrigation system.