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Entrer dans la Mine, 2013

Lubumbashi Bienal.

Claude Strebelle’s modernist architecture becomes the plinth for a sculpture which evokes Russian constructivist Vladimir Tatlin’s (1885-1953) unrealized project Monument to the Third International in the Soviet Union (1919). It is ‘rendered’ into a sculpture which quotes the monument’s hallmark – the inclination of the earth’s axial tilt of 23.4º – a symbol for the universalism of unfulfilled utopia. By night the sculpture becomes a neon light drawing its reference from Dan Flavin’s ‘Monuments’ for V. Tatlin (1964-1990).

It was inaugurated with a performance presenting the poem/song ‘Je vais entrer dans la mine’ in Kibemba. The lyrics tell the story of a man writing to his mother about his fears that he will die having been forced to enter the mines.