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A Tendency to Forget, 2015

Sculpture:(MDF, pine beams, iron), LCD; 180 x 485 x 580 cm / 6 photos: Inkjet print ; 200 x 300 cm / Video: 16:9, colour, sound; 15’ loop

Based on an insightful view of the life and work of anthropologists Jorge and Margot Dias, whose research on the Mozambican Makondes granted them international recognition in the 1960s and 1970s. The artist’s research unveils the hidden political agenda behind the Diases’ investigations and their alliances to the Salazar Regime. The work, a human-scale sculpture the viewer is invited to inhabit, is concerned with memory. Memory of the events of an untold story, and the institutionalisation of that undelivered memory that was concealed – until recently – in the archives of the former Overseas Ministry, whose façade Ferreira represented in the sculpture.

Dyangani Ose, Elvira (2015). A Tendency to Forget. An Urgency to Remember in “Novo Banco Photo”.

Images © Jorge Silva.