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Boca, 2016

Installation: 3 sculptures, 6 photographes, vídeo, séries of drawings and research materials.

For Boca 2016 (CRP, Douchy –les- Mines) Ângela Ferreira is building upon her projects on Africa’s mining industry and its devastating social and political consequences. She focused her artistic research on the history of mining in the Hauts-de-France region, its disappearance, its subsequent archiving and museological forms, as well as its contemporary social and cultural manifestations. The project includes sculptures inspired both by the region’s steel mine structures and by objects and instruments of the miner´s band of Douchy-les–Mines.  Photographic documents and sound memories of the miner’s bands of the region were combined with footage from popular songs on mining in Katanga, DRC.

Images© Vincent Everarts