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Zip Zap Circus School, 2000 – 2002

3 structures: canvas, wood, wheels; 500 x 250 cm x variable height;

500 x 500 cm x variable height;

100 x 500 x 150 cm

In 2000 the Zip Zap Circus School for children in Cape Town, South Africa, was an educational project with an admirable mission in need of a permanent residence. This need defined this community’s desire for an architectural project. Mozambican architect Pancho Guedes designed a speculative project, presented for the first time in 1996. The work Zip Zap Circus School, 2000-2002, is always a temporary structure which rendered a portion of Pancho’s design in scale 1:1 – an exploration of the idea of architecture as something which one desires or a dream for which on works.

Image©-  David Goldblatt