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1 Million Roses For Angela Davis, 2020

Angela Davis became hugely famous in the GDR. She was a symbol – an American woman who did not approve of the west and therefore vindicated the antagonism that the eastern bloc expressed towards the west. A huge international campaign -1 million roses for Angela Davis -was initiated in the GDR in order to pressure the US authorities to release her from prison. Given the extraordinary quantity and quality of posters allusive to Angela Davis which were produced in the GDR, and in the rest of the world at this time, the printing press seemed to be the appropriate container for a video sculpture which draws a connection between Davis on a visit to the GDR, one of her revolutionary and music heroes – Paul Robeson – and the Mozambican poet – Noémia de Sousa – who equally admired Robeson and named a poem after his song Let my People Go.

SKD – Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau

Photos: SKD/Laura Fiorio.