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Mount Mabu, 2013

Stills, Edinburgh / Political Cameras exhibition.

Installation: Wood, Perspex video sculpture 600cmx216cmx207cm / Digital colour print 118x118cm / Series of composite drawings 100 cmx70 cm each.

Mount Mabu Video Collage 38”: Tom Timberlake’s video “Mabu Expedition Mozambique October 2008” / Stills from film Tabu by Miguel Gomes / Sound by the Ronettes.

Scotland was the birthplace of Dr. David Livingstone (1813-1873) whose life conjures up images of the so-called discovery and exploration of Africa.  Much of his travels covered the northern part of Mozambique. The work “Mount Mabu” draws its double references from the wooden structure in which Livingstone was carried before he died  and  from the 2008 scientific expedition led by Kew Gardens scientists to Mount Mabu, a so called unmapped area in northern Mozambique.

(Photo: Evan Thomas)