Design by: Arne Kaiser | Powered by: In [Re]action

Talk Tower for Ingrid Jonker, 2012

Instalation: Grey MDF, speakers, sound

Dimensions:  280 x 70 x 70 cm

Designed for broadcasting poetry, as homage to the South African poet Ingrid Jonker (1933-1965). The work combines Ferreira’s concerns with the material consequences of modernism and how those forms evolve and change as they travel through the world. The sculpture is one of a series of towers that Ferreira began in 2008. The starting point of this project was Gustav Klutsis’ multimedia agitprop kiosks in revolutionary Russia and Shukhov’s radio tower built in the early 1920s near Moscow. These references intersect with the image of a rudimentary radio transmission tower in rural Mozambique. It also points to the crucial history of radio during the independence and liberation wars in Africa, such as Radio Freedom in South Africa.

Images: © Francis Ware.