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Views of the exhibition Ângela Ferreira. Dalaba: Sol D’Exil (Fidelidade Arte, Lisboa). Acrylic paint on wall, MDF, mild steel. Various woods; cement; steel cable; sound; xeroxes; record player; vinyl record.

A tribute to singer and activist Miriam Makeba (1932-2008), one of the most prominent figures in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. The first black woman to address the United Nations, Makeba was forbidden from returning to South Africa in 1960, and the United States in 1968, after her marriage to Stokely Carmichael. The exhibition is inspired by the house in Guinea-Conakry where Makeba and Carmichael lived in exile between 1968 and 1983. She created sculptural pieces based on the architectural elements of the round building, almost like a prototype of the relationship between modernist and African vernacular architectures, and a symbolic place of exile and statelessness.
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