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Heavier than the Sky / Mais pesado que o Céu, 2021

A trip to Chile, more precisely to Punta Arenas, is the starting point for Heavier than the Sky.

Punta Arenas, located in Chile’s Southern Zone, has for several centuries been marked by the colonial, political, geopolitical, and economic tensions of a port city geographically positioned as the main point of the sea crossing between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

This crossing, revealed by Europeans almost 500 years ago during the circumnavigation by Fern o Magalh es and Juan Sebasti n Elcano, not only allowed the discovery that the Earth is round, but also became the gateway to the colonization of Chilean and Latin American territory.

Mas pesado que el cielo unfolds in this web of relationships between a colonial past, a country marked by a complex political history since its independence, and the chance that made Ângela Ferreira pass through Punta Arenas precisely in the moments that preceded the outburst of the protests of the Chilean people in 2019.