Design by: Arne Kaiser | Powered by: In [Re]action

Talk Tower Diego Rivera, 2017

Wood, mdf, pvc, iron, aluminum, megaphone, electric wire, sound.

120cm x 130cm x 180cm

Designed as a study for a larger and more ambitious public sculpture, this work functions as a critical homage to the controversial personal and professional partnership between Diego Rivera and Frida Khalo. A drawing of a cargo crane made by Diego Rivera at the construction site of the Shasta Dam in California when he was gathering material for the painting of the famous Pan American Unity mural (1940) served as a starting point. The mural represents the utopic dream of a united America where the technological advances of the north were seen to be completed by the art of the south (Mexican) and the spirituality of the Inuits and American Indians. The sound track consists of a reading of one of Frida Khalo’s letter addressed to Diego Rivera.