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For Mozambique, 2008

For Mozambique (model nº1, nº2 and nº3)

Wood, steel cable, 2 DVD, 2-channel video projections, 60′ (loop);

For Mozambique captures two historical moments of great social and political optimism: the first being the period following the Russian revolution in the 1920s, which is denoted through the formal physical structure of the work; and the second being the euphoria surrounding the independence of Mozambique in the mid 1970s, by the films included in the piece.

The structures were based on kiosks by the Latvian-Russian artist Gustav Klucis in 1922, who was an important exponent of Russian Constructivism. The structure becomes a manifestation of the celebratory utopian atmosphere in post-colonial Mozambique, and also a monument to the feelings of hope held for the future of the country at this time.

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