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Carlos Cardoso: Straight To The Point, 2011

Stainless steel, PVC e silk screened on wood:

MediaFAX 1- 90 x 266 x 175 cm

MediaFAX 2- 210 x 145 x 91 cm

MediaFAX 3- 79 x 91 x 277 cm

MediaFAX 4- 83 x 170 x 68 cm

Like Ferreira, Carlos Cardoso was born in Mozambique while it was still under Portuguese colonial rule, and studied in South Africa during the apartheid era. Cardoso and a group of fellow intellectuals founded an independent newspaper, MediaFAX – the first daily paper to use the fax (a medium that was both cheap and efficient) as a means of disseminating information. With Cardoso as chief editor, MediaFAX spearheaded investigative journalism in the country and played a vital role in exposing corruption in the government. Cardoso was assassinated in Maputo in 2000 whilst researching financial government corruption.

Ferreira has produced a series of installation sculptures that act as monuments to Cardoso and the alternative journalism that he pioneered. Four floor sculptures titled MediaFAX make reference to the fax machine and the publications that embodied Cardoso’s commitment to the dissemination of impartial and accurate information.